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Has John L. Mason impacted your life also??? February 10, 2011

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Who is John L. Mason you may ask????  I will give you a couple hints…

He was born in 1832 in Philadelphia.

He is a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame!

You can use his FABULOUS invention for countless things (storage, a lantern, drinking sweet tea, a lightening bug house, etc)

By now you have MOST likely guessed!!!  John L. Mason is the inventor of the Mason Jar (and it’s airtight screw on lids)!

I have always loved a good Mason jar…but in my more mature years I have fallen in love with them!  I love the look and nostalgia of them as well as the simple class style!!  Literally I could use them everyday for so many things!!  I dream of a pantry filled with Large Mason Jars that can be used for storing flour, sugar, pasta, and even cereal!!  This might be a bit too Farm House for Brent…but we will see!!

I previously posted about my love of Mason Jars, especially when they are used as little lanterns or flower vases!!  So in my quest for Mason jars for our wedding I have begun collecting from various people.  So far I have just collected ones that my mom had in her house and that Kristin Ulmer Cole had brought from Texas for me!  You know me and how I love a good deal, but more than that I LOVE that these jars not only have been donated by people I love, but that people that they love have had their hands in these jars.  Some of the jars are from various family members, my grandma Yvonne, and even Kristin’s Mema who all used to can food!  We are also going to be able to use some of the Blue Mason Jars that our FABULOUS wedding venue has!!

So for your enjoyment…here are a couple pictures of the beginning of our Wedding Mason Jar Madness!  WARNING—some have been stored in my parents garage and under their house for years and are a bit dirty, but nothing that a dishwasher can’t fix!!

I LOVE the little random vintage jelly size jars!! Some might not actually be “Mason” but still LOVE them!


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