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{New Additions to Our Nest} July 14, 2011

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Well…we are obvioulsy still a little too selfish for kids.  We love to sleep late on Saturdays, come home from work and take a nap, and be ready to pick up and go at anytime of the day for a random road trip!  Those things being said…that cuts children and dogs out of our household plans for the moment!  SO…we decided to merge into the world of fish owners!  We scoured local pet stores for our little “Nemo!”  Let’s call our excusion…”Finding Nemo!” 🙂

Well…after discovering “Nemo’s” stock has risen with his recent rise to fame and is an astounding $14.99 (w/ Pet Perks card), we decided to scale back and go for the ever famous $0.29 goldfish!  We got 2 that were a small orange and white Koi breed, reminding us of our honeymoon in Hawaii!

We began thinking of popular names! We wanted something catchy and since we had two, a famous couple!  We through around Bonnie and Clyde, Sonny and Cher, and the ever popular John and Yoko…but nothing seemed right!  Then Brent googled “female/male fish names!”  Literally the names were just as common as the next boy and girl baby, nothing to “fishy!”  So we settled on Chester for the boy and Darla for the girl (we weren’t really sure if one was a boy or girl…but you can dream right)!

We were so excited to come home and get our tank set up!  We got fresh rocks and made it “homey!”  We added room temp water and let the fish “float” in their bag in the water for 15 to 20 minutes like the Petco people said!  For me this is the most stressful part of the fish process.  This seems to the be “do or die phase” in the survival of a fish!

Once we let our little fish go they loved the big tank, free of 100’s of other fish where just the two of them could swim freely!  They swam, explored, and even enjoyed a little dinner…

Then Darla bit the dust!!  We had her for only a couple hours and she was a gonner! After about the first hour she began “swimming” on the top of the water, but we thought maybe she was just “relaxing” (atleast that is what my parents always said was happening)!  We had high hopes, googling all the different things about fish distress! No luck, 2 hours into our life with her she was done!  So we got her out with a spoon, placed in her eternal home, flushed, and got a bit sad (I know sad over a fish we had for 2 hours…silly, but it was special)!

We then began to worry about Chester.  At first he was super active swimming all around the tank, but then he began to act like Darla.  I decided I couldnt’ stare at the tank anymore and went to the bedroom to watch Design Star and work on posting Wedding Photos…Brent hung in the living room watching tv and keeping “watch” on our faithful friend!  Not long after I have begun uploading the billions of pictures, Brent walked into the room with yet another dead fish on a spoon!  We flushed and said our “goodbye’s” and honestly felt deflated!!  As a kid if we got a fish from Walmart and it died within 24 hours, my mom would put it in a sandwich bag and we would take it back for a refund.  We didn’t do this…but I felt like we atleast were owed an explanation!  Our mere $.60 purchase was so sad!

So days later we are ready to venture into the world of Beta Fish!  I had a Beta in college that lasted 2 years traveling back and forth in a jar in my car!  We will keep you updated with our new fishy friend!


2 Responses to “{New Additions to Our Nest}”

  1. Amory Says:

    You guys crack me up!
    I love the story, Ash!

    RIP Chester and Darla

  2. Leslie Says:

    Did you read scripture and sing a hymn? Just like the little girls on “America’s Funniest Videos”. He was a good fish…

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