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Blue Milk Glass September 3, 2011

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So I try to stop by our local Goodwill atleast once a week, usually on Fridays, but I NEVER have luck!  I see all these neat things on Pinterest and other blogs and dream of a sweet little lamp or wooden “thing” waiting on me at Goodwill.  Well…a couple weeks ago I finally had my moment!!  I found a fabulous little glass jar that I loved. I liked the detail and loved the idea that it had a milk glass look to it, but it was clear!

After picking up the little guy (he was only $.99) I continued to look and found the exact same jar for $.49!  Of course I bought the cheaper one, but now am kicking myself that I didn’t get both!!

After my large purchase I was able to run next door to Hobby Lobby and grab some fab blue paint, which I was planning on using for a larger DIY Canvas (pics to come soon)!

So I am not sure if there is such a thing as blue milk glass, I am actually sure there probally isn’t.  But…here is my version! ENJOY!

My $.49 jar from Goodwill!

I had read about several techniques but decided to use what I call the “pour and roll” technique!  Pour LOTS (and by lots I mean I used atleast half a small bottle, which was maybe too much, but I wanted good coverage) of paint in the bottom and start rolling and swirling and rolling until the entire bottle is covered.  NOTE:  I chose to paint the inside, so the outside would have its natural glass shine and it would not chip as easily.  To dry, I let it sit upside down for several days.  I would have let it sit outside, but we had random rain and I didn’t want it to get too sticky!

And ta da!  I had to finish up a couple spots inside and on the top trim of the bottle with a brush!  I was a bit worried that the brush strokes would show, but to my surprise they don’t!  I LOVE it and am now saving EVERY jar I can find with plans to paint!


One Response to “Blue Milk Glass”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Love it! You did a great job…makes me proud!

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